Jhamasa Noel Lewis-Adams was born in Orange, California April 24, 1990. Although she moved around as a youth, she spent most of her childhood in Los Angeles, CA.  She has many siblings and a large family. She was a student of Black Eyed Pea's Peapod Music and Arts academy located at the Boys and Girls Club in Watts, CA. Jhamasa attended Brentwood College Prepatory School in Brentwood, CA where she graduated from in 2008.

She went on to get her B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Jackson State University in 2013. She continues to enhance her skills in various forms of art and education. In 2014 she released a mixtape Retro Love Arcade with Corinthian Washington. Most recently, she put out an independent EP, 24K. In her free time she advocates for educational and civil rights for foster youth.